Hajj & Umrah Packages Ireland
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Atlantic Sky Team Tours Ltd. is an approved and accredited Travel Agent in Ireland by the Ministry of Hajj.



Air Travel from Dublin Airport

All Umrah and Hajj packages leave from Dublin Airport.

Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 depending on Airline you are travelling with.

Please see list of airlines we work with below.


British Airways


Etihad Airways

Air France

Turkish Airlines



Saudi Airlines


The King Abdul Aziz International airport at Jeddah has three terminals; one for foreign airlines, one for Saudi Airlines and one is Madina-tul-hujjaj also known as Hajj terminal, and is in operation during Hajj season.

During Umrah if you fly into Jeddah by any airline other than Saudi Airlines you will disembark at the Hajj terminal. If you are intending to fly to Madinah then you will have to change the terminal and go to Saudi Airline terminal, because all domestic flights depart from the Saudi Airlines terminal only.

You will not have to change terminals if you are going straight to Makkah or Madinah by road you will take one of our private transportation to Makkah or Madinah. Below is list of our transportation that provided to pilgrims.

UMRAH Transportation

Large Car (GMC)

Large Bus